Past event

Celebrate the World Cotton Day on 7th October

Location: Global
Date: Oct 7, 2020 to Sep 7, 2020


Owing to the economic importance of cotton, 7th October was launched in 2019 at WTO (World Trade Organization) headquarters in a gathering of more than 700 who celebrated the day. The day was also celebrated in different countries of the Wolrd at public and private levels by arranging seminars, plays depicting rural life, women education, local songs, speeches by known stakeholders, and competitive speeches among school children.

To popularize cotton globally, it is very important to celebrate the Wold Cotton Day with full enthusiasm and devotion.

ICRA urges you to celebrate and share your glimpses of the World Cotton Celebrations on the ICRA website later on.

Fiaz Ahmad

Secretary, ICRA Senior Scientific Officer/Head Physiology/Chemistry Section Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan, Pakistan