Martin Simasiku
MartySims - #1786

Cotton Breeder and Head of Research

A young and Vibrant scientist with an eager open mind to learn from others. I have a Masters Degree in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems . I have been a Cotton Breeder for the Past 6 Years (and counting) in Zambia. I have had Collaborations with Scientists from India,Kenya,Malawi and South Africa on Knowledge sharing about the potential introduction of Bt Cotton in Zambia. I facilitate trainings to farmers and students in Cotton every year through various stakeholder platform,s and extension services. My passion is to be a 'game changer' type of a researcher by providing Unique yet very simple methods of disseminating the knowledge of science and bringing practical results. I am a team player who believes the key to being a great scientist is by learning from anyone regardless of their status or title.