A few words about Gossypedia
Aug 1, 2016

ICRA Website feedbacks

A little less blank

I talked about the vertigo of empty pages when introducing very briefly the wiki function of our new website, I realize that it was really totally empty because I have not created anything inside. As such, you could not figure out how our Gossypedia will appear.

Virtual things are created now

I have created two virtual books, each one has chapter(s) and page(s). We can have as many books as desired. Only members having been endowed of the role of contributor (right to write) or editor (having in addition the role of deciding publishing what a contributer has written, or to amend the text of the contributor) coud write or correct the contents of the books.

Challenges ahead

We have to decide on what to write and to identify who is willing to contribue and edit. Once this identification has started, I can link them to several groups which will be able to interact exclusively by using GossyForum.



Alderi Araujo
Nov 28, 2017

@michel#73 It's an excellent idea. We need to incentivize colleagues to contribute

M V Venugopalan
Aug 11, 2016

Do we need to start with a content page (subject/topic wise) or allow it to develop in an alphabetical order.

Mohamed Negm
Aug 8, 2016

That's very good, Gossypedia scientific journal for articles