A New Device for Small Scale Cottonseed Acid Delinting
Apr 17, 2019


The inefficiency of large scale delinting units to delint small amounts of cottonseed for the experiments conducted by research institutes has lead to the construction of a small experimental cottonseed delinting unit.
The experimental delinting device was constructed at the premises of the company Myron Nikolaidis. Stainless steel was used for the construction and seed was delinted with concentrated Sulphuric Acid (95-98 percent). The main parts making up the unit are the seed feeding section, the section where seeds are steeped in acid, the seed washing and acid neutralizing section and finally the drying and seed cleaning section. The ability to re-cycle the sulphuric acid reduces the amount consumed.
The total output of the unit is approximately 60 kilos of seed per hour. The seed processed is fully delinted with moisture content of approximately 8.5 – 9.5 percent. It maintains high viability. The other advantages are quick and easy cleaning during the change between different varieties, limited labour requirement to operate the unit (two workers needed) and the small area it occupies (30 – 40 m2).

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