Blending Cotton with Regenerated Cellulosic Fiber (Bamboo) to Obtain a More Durable Yarn
Jun 15, 2019

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Mohamed Neguib El-Banna1, A.A.A.El-Banna2, Mohamed A. M. El-Sayed Negm3, Mahmoud Ismail El-Bagoury4 and Dalia M. Nageeb5

1&2) Faculty Agriculture Saba Basha, Alexandria University, Egypt

3) Cotton Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Giza, Egypt

4&5) Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization, Egypt


This research was carried out at Cotton Research Institute of Agriculture Research Center, Giza, Egypt, to study the impact of different spinning systems and different bamboo + cotton blends of the properties on the blended yarn. A commercial cultivar, Giza 86 (a long- staple variety), and bamboo fiber were used in the experiment. Two spinning systems, i.e., ring and compact spinning were employed to produce 40'S carded yarns. The results obtained indicate that a compact spun bamboo + cotton yarn blended at a ratio of 67:33 yielded the highest mean values for the key yarn properties. The strongest fibers produced the best yarn quality.

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