Brown Cotton – Home Coming
Feb 8, 2019

WCRC WCRC2 Breeding

Pakistan had a well-developed cottage industry that perished under modernisation. Recently Fox Fibers revived the use of natural coloured organic cotton. Brown cotton seed samples were collected from a local ginnery. It had short staple (14-15 mm), and low yield. This material also had poor resistance against cotton leaf curl virus and insects. Eight shades in brown colour have been differentiated ranging from darkest (Pink) to lightest. In order to improve the yield, fiber quality, and resistance to disease and insects, hybridization work was undertaken. Rough and okra leaf characters have been incorporated to lend comparative tolerance to insects. The hybrid material is in F3. Green colour seed was collected from a local grower. The green colour is not stable but efforts are being made to stabilize it. D’Jura green an introduction from USA and local green were crossed producing dark colours between deep green and dark blue. It will be sown in F3 this year

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