Climate change from global warming will affect cotton production
Mar 14, 2014

Agronomy & physiology Production Extension
There has been much concern worldwide about climate change resulting from global warming and the possible effects on agriculture and human food supply.  Most of the global climate change scenarios include change in the amount and pattern of precipitation,  more restricted water availability, more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall, longer growing seasons, and possible changing geographical regions suitable for crop production. These changes will effect agriculture and necessitate adaptive production practices.

Cotton production will be impacted by future climate change.  Although the increased photosynthesis caused by the rising CO2 levels will promote increased biomass production, this will not necessarily translate into higher yields due to the negative impact higher temperatures have on reproductive growth.  However, rising temperatures will lengthen the season available for growing cotton, permitting shifts in planting dates and also permitting cotton to be double-cropped behind other crops in an expanded region. Rising temperatures may also eventually promote the movement of cotton production into more northern regions.
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