Combining Ability for Fiber Properties in Influential Upland Cotton Varieties
Dec 24, 2018

WCRC WCRC2 Breeding

A great number of germplasm lines have been used as parents in cotton improvement. Those contributing a larger proportion of genes to modern cotton cultivars than other germplasm are called influential lines. Based on the pedigree analysis of 260 cotton cultivars released in the United States between 1970-1990, the most influential cotton varieties from 16 cotton breeding programs were identified. The objective of this study was to investigate the general and specific combining ability (GCA and SCA, respectively) for fiber properties among the most influential lines from 10 Upland cotton breeding programs. A half diallel crossing scheme with the parents and 45 F1's was grown in replicated trials at two locations in 1997. Fiber properties measured by HVI included micronaire, strength, length, uniformity and elongation. The significance of GCA and SCA effects detected and how they can be used to develop varieties with improved fiber characteristics is discussed.

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