Comparison of Mechanical and Hand Harvesting of Cotton Regarding Lint Quality Factors under Turkish Conditions
Apr 2, 2019


A research study intending to determine the effects of mechanical picking on lint quality factors in comparison with hand harvesting was carried out. Field trials were held at 8 locations in the Aegean and South East Anatolian regions. Three domestic (Nazilli-84, NC 873-143 and Sayar-314) and one American (DPL 5690) cotton varieties were planted and harvested by Case IH 2155, 4-Row (narrow) picker and seasonal labour. Trash contents of machine picked cotton were higher than hand picked in general. As a result, one-half or one-full lower Color Grades were obtained for machine picked and roller-ginned samples due to insufficient cleaning. However, the differences regarding color grades between harvesting methods have disappeared by saw-ginning due to efficient cleaning. There were no significant differences between the lint samples of hand and machine picked for the other quality factors of Fiber Length, Length Uniformity, Fiber Strength and Micronaire.

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