Contents of the WCRC1, in Brisbane, Australia (1994)
Mar 10, 2017


Opening Address (The Honourable Bill Hayden AC
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia)

Future Role of Cotton Research in Developing Countries (Barbosa, S.)


Plant monitoring and growth regulators

Predicting Yield Responses of Cotton to Growth Regulators (Constable, G.A.)

Use of Growth Regulators in Cotton Production (Cothren, J.T.)

The Use of Plant Monitoring Techniques as an Aid in Determining Mepiquat Chloride Rates in Rain-fed Cotton (Edmisten, K.L.)

Effects of PGR-IV on the Growth and Yield of Cotton: A Review (Oosterhuis, D.M.)

Virtual Cotton: A New Tool for Research, Management and Training (Room, P.M. & Hanan, J.S.)

Imperial Valley Cotton Fields Surveyed with Plant Mapping (Wrona, A.F. & Kerby, T.)

Irrigation and water relations

Near Real-Time Irrigation Scheduling on Cotton Using Azsched Software (Clark, L.J., Slack, D.C., Fox Jr., F.A. & Martin, E.C.)

Yield Potential of Cotton Under Drip Irrigation in South Africa (Dippenaar, M.C., Barnard, C. & Pretorius, M.M.)

The Physiology of Cotton Water Use Efficiency (Gerik, T.J., Landivar, J.A. & Faver, K.L.)

The Principles of Cotton Water Relations and Their Application in Management (Hearn, A.B.)

Improvements in Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Cotton: Choices in Systems and Management (Hutmacher, R.B., Phene, C.J., Davis, K.R., Detar, W.R. & Ayars, J.E.)

Plant Responses to Late Season Water Deficits in Acala Cotton Cultivars (Munk, D.S., Grimes, D.W. & Kerby, T.A.)

Influence of Salinity on Reproductive Growth of Three Egyptian Cotton Cultivars (Nawar, M.T., Zaher, A.M., El-Sahhar, K. & Abdel-Rahim, S.A.

Crop nutrition

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Availability in the Soil, Physiology of the Assimilation and Use of These Nutrients by the Plant (Bisson, P., Cretenet, M. & Jallas, E.)

Sowing Date and Nitrogen Application Effects on Petiole Nitrate Content in Cameroon (Ekorong Á Moute, J.)

Foliar Application for Yield and Quality of Cotton Grown on Kampang Saen Soil in Thailand (Kesawapitak, P., Boonyong, B., Somnus
P., Sangsila, S. & Jongruaysup, S.)

Potassium Nutrition of Cotton (Oosterhuis, D.M.)

Response of Cotton to NPK Fertilization - The Greek Experience (Setatou, H.B. & Simonis, A.D.)

Effect of Foliar Applied Nitrogen and Potassium on Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley of California (Weir, B.L. & Roberts, B.)

Soil structure

Managing Soil Mechanical Stresses for Cotton Production (Agrawal, R.P.)

Problems Associated with Soil Structural Assessment on Vertisols Used for Irrigated Cotton Production (Greenhalgh, S.E., McKenzie, D.C.,
Melville, G. & MacLeod, D.A

Compaction in Cotton Beds - Measurement, Modelling and Management (Kirby, J.M. & Blunden, B.G.)

The Optimisation of Soil Structure for Cotton Production (McGarry, D.)

Soil Management Options for Cotton-Based Farming Systems in Swelling and Non-Swelling Soils (McKenzie, D.C.)

Structure Repair with Wet/Dry Cycles in a Cotton Soil (Pillai-McGarry, U., Sarmah, A.J. & McGarry, D.)

Determining Non-Erosive Velocities for Design of Contour Banks (Titmarsh, G. & Loch, R.)

Weed control

Future Weed Control Systems for Conservation Tillage Cotton in the Southeastern USA (Patterson, M.G.)

Nightshade Control with Phrithiobace (Staple) in California (Vargas, R. & Wright, S.)

Metham in Cotton (Wright, S.D., Vargas, R., Jimenez Jr., M.R. & Duvall, T.M.)

Seed science

Effects of Soaking on the Germination Characteristics and Mineral Leakage of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Seed (Gençer, O., Wali, S., Düzenl, S. & Efe, L.)

The Effect of Storage and Radiation on Cotton Seed for Some Yield Component (Raafat, M.A.A.)

Farming systems

An Automatic Steering System for the Inter-Row Crop Cultivation of Cotton (Billingsley, J. & Schoenfisch, M.)

Recovery of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) from Intercropping Suppression by Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Elobu, P., Orwanga, J.F., Ocan, J. & Opolot, G.W.)

The Use of Cotton Stalks and Cotton Ginning Trash as Feedstocks for Ethanol Fuel Production (Fraser, K.I., Gould, N.S. & Holmes, A.J.)

Management of Lablab purpureus L. Residues in Cotton-Based Farming Systems and Consequent Effects on Properties of a Typic Pellustert (Hulugalle, N.R., Larsen, D.L. & Henggeler, S.)


Diseases and breeding for disease resistance

Mechanisms of Disease Resistance in Gossypium Species and Variation in Verticillium dahliae (Bell, A.A.)

Breeding for Resistance to Bacterial Blight of Cotton in Relation to Races of the Pathogen (El-Zik, K.M. & Thaxton, P.M.)

Loss in Seed Cotton Yield Due to Fusarium Wilt in Sudan Gezira (Ibrahim, G. & Fadl Alla, A.S.)

Development of MAR Cotton Germplasm with Morphological Mutant Traits (Thaxton, P.M. & El-Zik, K.M.)

Fibre quality

Quality Assessment for Breeding Egyptian High Quality Cotton Varieties (Abdel-Salam, M.E.)

Agronomic Management of Extra Fine Cotton for Higher Grades in Egypt (El Rifai, G.)

Crystallinity, Crystallite Size, Fine Structural and Physical Fibre Properties at Two Fibre Maturity Levels in Two Egyptian Cotton Cultivars (Nawar, M.T., Khalifa, B.A. & Al-Ganainy G.)

Development of Medium Staple High Strength Cotton Suitable for Rotor Spinning Systems (Patil, N.B. & Singh, M.)

High Speed Measurements of Strength and Elongation (Taylor, R.A.)

 Genetics, biotechnology and wild species

Risk of Escape of Transgenes from Cotton into Natural Populations of Australian Gossypium Species (Brown, A.H.D., Hurka, H., Craven, L.A. & Grace, J.P.)

The Australian Wild Species of Gossypium (Craven, L.A., Stewart, J. McD., Brown, A.H.D. & Grace, J.P.)

The Heritability of Yield, Yield Components and Fibre Technological Properties in Partial Diallel Hybrids of Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Varieties in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey (Gençer, O. & Kaynak, M.A.)

A Brief Review of Cotton Genetic Research in China (Jinfa, Z. & Jizhong, S.)

Inheritance and Genetic Effect of Cleistogamy in Upland Cotton (Jinfa, Z., Jizhong, S. & Jinlan, L.)

Progress in Genetic Engineering of Cotton for Fiber Modifications (John, M.E.)

Studies of Quantitative Characters in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Kapoor, C.J).

Identification of the Karyotype of Gossypium bickii Prokh (Kunbo, W., Maoxue, L., Guoli, S. & Xiangdi, Z.)

Use of Molecular Markers in Cotton Breeding (Meredith Jr., W.R.)

Interspecific Hybridization and Synthesis of Allotetraploid Genotypes in Cotton (Randhawa, L.S. & Dhillon, J.)

Potential for Crop Improvement with Exotic Germplasm and Genetic Engineering (Stewart, J. McD.)

Screening of Somatic Mutants for Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Gossypium hirsutum L. (Xianlong, Z., Mingjing, Y. & Jizhong, S.)

Hybrid vigour

Hybrid Cotton: Results and Prospects (Basu, A.K.)

Heterosis Breeding for Crossing Present Yield Barriers in Cotton (Randhawa, L.S. & Singh, T.H.)

Performance of F1 and F2 Hybrids Between Australian and USA Commercial Cotton Cultivars (Reid, P.E.)

Host plant resistance to insect pests

Volatile Terpenes and Terpenoid Aldehydes in Australian-Grown Gossypium hirsutum L. Cultivars and Lines (Benson, C.G., Fitt, G.P., Leach, D.N., Mares, C.L., Naiker, M.N. & Wyllie, S.G.)

Induction of Somatic Embryogenesis in a Range of Cotton Cultivars (Dongre, A.B., Nandeshwar, S.B., Kranthi, K.R., Kranthi, S. & Basu, A.K.)

Host Plant Resistance to Insects in Cotton (Jenkins, J.N.)

New Cotton Varieties for IPM (Mursal, I.E.J.)

Varietal improvement

Cotton Research and Production in Bangladesh (Rahman, M.A.)

Progress with Varietal Improvement in CIRAD (Hau, B.)

New Horizons in Lint Percentage in Pakistan (Khan, M.D., Khan, W.S., Ahmad, M. & Ibrahim, M.)

Performance of Early and Late Maturing Varieties of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in the Marginal Rainfall Areas of Central and Eastern Kenya (Ngigi, R.G.)

Commercial Utilisation of the Okra Leaf Mutant of Cotton - The Australian Experience (Thomson, N.J.)


Ecology/integrated pest management

Impact of Boll Weevil Eradication on Cotton Production and Insect Management in Virginia and North Carolina, USA (Bacheler, J.S.)

Thai Cotton Growers Still Far Away from IPM: Contribution of Systems Approach to a Better Understanding of Farmers' Practices (Castella, J., Swangsri, W. & Kimnarux, J.)

The Use of Pheromones to Control Three Species of Bollworm in Pakistan (Chamberlain, D.J., McVeigh, L.J., Critchley, B.R., Hall, D.R. & Ahmad, Z.)

Migration of Cotton Pests:  Patterns and Implications for Management (Gregg, P.C.)

Area-Wide Management of Heliothis/Helicoverpa in the Delta of Mississippi (Hardee, D.D. & Bell, M.R.)

Chemical Characterisation of Cotton Insect Honeydew and Elimination of Stickiness of Honeydew-Contaminated Lint (Hendrix, D.L., Perkins Jr., H.H. & Valaitis, A.)

Synthetic Pyrethroid Induced Cotton Plant Leaf Tissue Morphological Changes and Incidence of Bemisia tabaci (Ilyas, M.D., Puri, S.N., Lavekar, R.C., Butler Jr., G.D. & Henneberry, T.J.)

The Use of Baculoviruses in Cotton IPM (Jones, K.A.)

Comparative Information on the Local Abundance of Two Pests, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Aphis gossypii (Glover) (Homoptera: Aphididae) and Selected Predators on Cotton in Eastern Tanzania (Kabissa, J.C.B.)

Integrated Pest Management in Cotton (de B. Lyon, D.J.)

Impact of the Introduction of the Cotton Boll Weevil in Brazil(Ramalho, F.S. & Santos, R.F.)

Modelling Pheromone Use for Pink Bollworm Control in Egypt (Russell, D.A., Radwan, S.M., El-Deeb, Y.A. & Mahmoud, H.M.)

Management  of the Cotton Boll Weevil with Attract-and-Kill-Devices (Smith, J.W., McKibben, G.H., Villavaso, E.J., McGovern, W.L. & Jones, R.G.)

Assessing Population Structure in the Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera:  Noctuidae), Using Variation in the A+T-Rich Region of Mitochondrial DNA (Spackman, M.E. & McKechnie, S.W. )

Pest Models for Decision Support - Development and Applications (Sterling, W.)

Host Resistance to the Leafhopper, Amrasca devastans (Distant) in Cotton, Gossypium spp.(Uthamasamy, S.)

Ecological Attributes of Major Cotton Pests:  Implications for Management (Vaissayre, M.)

An Integrated Cotton Insect Pest Management System for Cotton-Wheat Intercropping in North China (Xia, J.Y.)

Insecticides/insecticide resistance management

Pymetrozine (CGA 215,944) - A Novel New Control for Sucking Pests in Cotton (Allemann, D.V., Robinson, S.W. & Flückiger, C.R.)

Insecticide Resistance in Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner):  Status and Prospects for its Management in India (Armes, N.J., Jadhav, D.R. & Lonergan, P.A.)

Fipronil:  A New Soil and Foliar Insecticide for Cotton (Hope, J.H.)

Insecticide Resistance Management as a Part of an IPM Strategy in Israeli Cotton Fields (Horowitz, A.R., Forer, G. & Ishaaya, I.)

Status of Tobacco Budworm Pyrethroid Resistance in Mexico (Martínez-Carrillo, J.L.)

Insecticide Resistance in Major Cotton Pests Worldwide:  Incidence, Mechanisms and Management (Plapp Jr., F.W., Kanga, L.H.B. & Karunaratne, K.)

Problems and Prospects of Management of Insecticide Resistance in Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) in India (Regupathy, A.)

Cotton Pest Control Problems in Andhra Pradesh, India:  Optimising Pest Management Options for a More Sustainable Approach to Cotton Cultivation  (Venugopala Rao, N., Rajasekhar, P., Venkataiah, M. & Rama Rao, B.)

Novel Biological and Conventional Insecticides:  What's New? (Watkinson, I.A.)

Development of an Insect Specific Fungus (Naturalis-L®) for Control of Cotton Insects (Wright, J.E.)

Pesticide application and the environment

Controlled Environment Study of the Degradation of Endosulfan in Soils (Ghadiri, H., Rose, C.W. & Connell, D.W.)

The Fate of Endosulfan Sprayed on Cotton (Kimber, S.W.L., Southan, S.K., Ahmad, N. & Kennedy, I.R.)

Development of Laboratory and Field Elisa Tests for Detection of Endosulfan in Water and Soil (Lee, N., Skerritt, J.H., Kennedy, I.R., McAdam, D.P., Beasley, H.L. & Hill, A.S.)

Increased Deposition of Insecticide Using Turbulent Air Assistance (Manor, G., Geva, A. & Tabac, S.)

Effective Spray Coverage Measuring Procedures (Manor, G., Jarvis, L.R. & Fielke, J.M.)

The Breakdown of Lambda-Cyhalothrin in Cotton-Growing Soil (Wang, S. & Kennedy, I.R.)

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