Cotton as illustration of women's capability
Oct 28, 2016

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Topical issue of women's performance in agriculture

Given the phenomenon of the feminization of agriculture in many countries, particularly where the economic development is attracting men out of agriculture, the issue of the performance of feminized agriculture has gained topical importance. The phenomenon of feminization is even observed with some concern because women's performance used to be reported low.

Gender comparison of performance used to be biased

The observed performance of women has been frequently lower to that of men, but it is not because they are women, but because they do not produce similarly to men. Particularly, women used to have less, if not much less access to production factors.

Scientific literature has provided sufficient evidence about the issue of access and many international organizations (FAO, the World Bank...) have been advocating to improve the access to production factors by women, as a means to improve the performance of the whole agricultural sector.

The current international advocacy lies on the assumption that when women have improved access to production factors, the increase of their performance will result. Such a phenomenon has nevertheless seldom be observed and assessed.

A paper very recently available online is compensating for the lack of evidence mentioned above. Download of free full text is still possible up to the number of downloads allocated to the authors; so it's first asking, first served. At the time of publishing this post, there were 38 eprints remaining.
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