Effect of Salinity on Botanical Characters and Fiber Maturity of Three Egyptian Cotton Cultivars
Feb 11, 2019

WCRC WCRC2 Breeding

The objective of this study was to investigate to extent salinity affects the growth and other characters of three Egyptian cotton cultivars: Giza 77, Giza 75 and Giza 80. The salinity levels were 0, 2000, 4000 and 6000 ppm of either NaCl + CaCl2 or NaCl + KCl. Germination speed and capacity were lower as the concentration of various were salts increased. Salinity reduced plant height and the number of the main stem internodes. Salinity reduced cotton lint yield by up to 50%; specific weight of seeds by up to 18%; fiber maturity ratio by up to 8.9%; ovule width by up to 35% and fiber ribbon width by up to 4.9% where 6000 ppm of NaCl alone was applied. The effects of NaCl were greater than the effects of NaCl + CaCl2 or NaCl + KCl. The relationship between fiber maturity and ovule width at two days post anthesis with some other characters are investigated

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