Evaluation of GOSSYM – a Cotton Crop Simulation Model – Under the Soil, Climatic and Cultural Conditions in Greece
Apr 25, 2019


In a research study in Greece, funded by EU, a dynamic cotton growth simulation model, GOSSYM, was evaluated under local soil, climatic and cultural conditions. Field experiments were conducted for three years in three locations, representative of major cotton growing areas of Greece, using four cotton cultivars under two irrigation levels, two fertilization treatments and two plant populations. The variables ranged from conventional to low input values. Weather conditions varied among the three years of experimentation. Soil analyses and weather data were collected according to GOSSYM input requirements and plant growth and yield was monitored through the growing season. The last year of the study the design included comparison of two management schemes, a conventional farmer approach and a low input strategy as suggested by the previous two years results and GOSSYM simulations. The comparison between field measured and simulated values showed a satisfactory simulation of yield and some plant characteristics and a very close simulation of total water used as ET. The results indicated that GOSSYM could be used as a cotton management tool to optimize cotton production in Greece after some variety calibration and soil and climatic site specific sites.

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