Fiber Contamination and Impurities Tester - FCT: A Powerful Tool to Help the Ginner to Optimize Trash, Neps and Seed Coat Fragment Content during Ginning
Apr 18, 2019


For many years, solutions have been sought to the problem contaminants of stickiness, seed coat fragments (SCF), neps and trash. The FCT, currently being used I all sectors of the chain, provides a perfect, fast and accurate solution to the measurement of these parameters. The FCT is a new generation of fiber testing systems that is based on thin web and image analysis techniques for impurities and laser techniques to detect stickiness. It is the only current system that can provide all tests together at a cycle time of 40” per test. Looking at the current situation, 60% of the users are spinners, 30% are textile institutions and classing offices and 10% are ginneries.

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