Fiber Maturity as Measured by the Degree of Thickening Percent, Lord Method and Shirley FMT Instrument in Egyptian Cotton Cultivars
Apr 4, 2019


Samples of twelve commercial Egyptian cotton cultivars were taken from the miniature experiments conducted by CRI, ARC, Giza, during the two successive seasons, 1992 and 1993 from ten growth regions in Egypt. “Standard Method” for estimating fiber maturity was performed as degree of thickening percent (DTP) by swelling fibers with NaOH 18% on different group lengths of samples, sorted by the Suter-Webb device. Three methods were used to estimate fiber maturity, DTP, Lord (1961) and Shirley F/MT instrument. The F/MT seemed to be prefered by the cotton breeder for routine work, since its measurements were close to the standard “DTP” method and it is rapid and accurate compared to the “DTP” and Lord methods that are tedious and time consuming.

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