Genetics and Improvement of Lint Characters in Naturally Coloured Cotton
Feb 8, 2019

Breeding & Genetic improvement WCRC WCRC2

A genetic improvement programme for coloured lint in G. hirsutum L. has been initiated Cyclic crosses were made in two sets: Set 1 included LRA 5166 (white), Khaki American (brown) and Arkansas Green (green) parents. Six generations viz. P1, P2, F1, F2, BC1 and BC2 were studied. There exists multiple allelic series of Lcb (brown), Lcg (green) and fc (grey) for seed fuzz colour. The red stem colour (R) was completely dominant over green stem (r). There was linkage between the three genes controlling lint colour (Lc) seed fuzz colour (Fc) and stem colour (R) with mean cross over values 10.1, 25.8 and 35.3 in set 1 and 9.9, 29.3 and 33.4 in set II respectively. Estimation of gene effects revealed importance of both additive and dominance gene affects and involvement of duplicate epistasis in the control of most of the characters. Selections having brown and green lint colour have been made in F2 and back cross generations for larger boll size, medium to long staple length and high strength.

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