Influence of Seed Processing and Delinting on the Degree and Uniformity of Seed-to-Seed Loading After Treatment with Gaucho and Monceren T WS
Apr 17, 2019


Insecticide seed dressings like Gaucho and Monceren T WS on delinted cotton seed have to receive small doses in mg ai/seed to guarantee equal coverage for adequate protection of each young cotton plant. Bayer offers a “Quality Charter" and technical assistance to professional seed plants to reach the target of registered dose rate with Gaucho® treatment. All efforts to increase the quality of application by the seed treater can be wasted when the seed processing (delinting and sorting) is not as complete as necessary. The following graphs and tables demonstrate the influence of pre-treatment steps on the uniformity of seed-to-seed coverage of Gaucho and Monceren T WS treated cotton seeds of five origins and two different chemical delinting procedures.

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