Inheritance of important Properties in Half Diallel Hybrids of some Glandless Cotton
Feb 8, 2019

WCRC WCRC2 Breeding

This study was carried out in 1992-93 under South Eastern Anatolian Project (GAP) region conditions to investigate inheritance of yield, yield components and fiber properties in a population containing parents and half diallel hybrids of ten glandless cotton cultivars. Data were analyzed according to 1) Jones (1965), 2) Griffing (1956) method 2, model 1 and 2 and 3) Hayman (1954) type half diallel analysis. For investigated characteristics, the narrow sense heritabilities varied between 0.07 and 0.48. For seed cotton yield the best four parents proved to be M11, LA-G-77-45, LA-G-75-26 and LA-G-70-18 and the best four combinations of hybrids were LA-G-70-18 x LA-G-75-72, LA-G-70-18 x T-GN-8-76, M11 x RDC-10 and LY1372 x REX. For seed oil percentage, the best parent were RDC-10, for seed protein percentage the best parent was LA-G-77-45 and the best combinations of hybrids were TX-GN-8-76 x REX and M11 x LA-G-75-26.

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