Integrated Crop Management in the Age of Genetically Engineered Traits
Apr 17, 2019


With the recent introduction of genetically engineered input traits such as insect resistance and herbicide tolerance, a new dimension has been added to cotton production. Maximizing cotton yield and fibre quality will move beyond conventional crop protection, integrating the new technology with the use of insecticides, herbicides and harvest aid chemicals to one of integrated crop management. Integrated crop management now begins with selection of cotton genetics and the genetically engineered in put traits that are embedded within the seed. This is followed by an adapted crop protection programme and ends with the sale of high quality fibre. This paper discusses cotton cultivars, biotechnology and conventional crop protection options available to cotton producers, what these technologies are and how to use them in an effort to improve and sustain profits in a highly competitive global market. Aventis and Cotton Seed International of Australia have started a long term co-operation to provide cotton farmer inputs for highest productivity for their crop and the processing industry with superior quality fibre. The effort is based on leading programmes in cotton breeding, cotton biotechnology and conventional crop protection.

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