Learning from others: which additional activities to cope with?
Sep 6, 2016


Which activities ICRA is offering now?

Since the launch of the new version of our wbesite, activities and benefits that members can enjoy are:

♦ information from posts submitted by members

♦ information on cotton-research related events

♦ information on demands and offers of research collaboration, including job vacancies

♦ advanced tool to inform on each member's profile, with particular focus on his/her research projects and publications

♦ forum discussions, open to all members or restricted to members of small groups, as many groups as desired

♦ wiki function for collaborative writing of books in the prospect of generational transfer

♦ WCRC with a periodicity of around 4 years

ICRA is so far particular by not having its own scientific journal.

What other similar associations are offering?

To my knowledge, most if not all associations of researchers have been set up around the publication of an established and acknowledged journal. This is what I have been observing in the area of economics, like for the International Association of Feminist Economics (IAFFE), or for the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE).

With reference to the two mentioned journals, I observe that activities/benefits they have been proposing on fee-payment basis are the follwing:

♦ subscription to a journal

♦ annual or pluri-annual conference, possibly at various geographic scales

♦ forum discussions

♦ member directory, handbook

♦ newsletter, alerts

♦ compilation of bibliographies

It would be great that we could process more systematically about the activities of existing researchers/scholars' association by discipline. I hope that this suggestion will provoke reactions and some of you will volunteer to contribute.

Young, but not lagging so much behind

Through the two examples I have analyzed, for sure the sample is too small, I can claim that our activities are not so much lagging behind. I can even assume that our forum tool is more advanced than in other associations. I could also hypothesize that the operation of our tools are less centralized, hence more open and flexible in their use.

Nevertheless, however valuable our tools or activities could be, they only make sense if ICRA members actually make use of them. This is not yet the case. Maybe reaction to this post will be a good start?
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