Long Linted Gossypium arboreum for Meeting Textile Industrial Needs
Apr 2, 2019


Drought tolerant G. aboreum is grown in rainfed areas of India. The fiber is coarse, making it difficult to spin at higher counts. Two sets of long linted, fine cotton genotypes, DLSA and PA, developed through inter-specific hybridization and selection, were evaluated for yield and quality under rainfed conditions. Industrially acceptable fiber properties were exhibited by these genotypes. About 38% advantage in yield of seed cotton was obtained over checks with significant differences in boll weight. No significant differences were observed in seed and lint indices. Ginning outturns as high as 43.5 percent were achieved. Fiber length up to 30.37 mm with micronaire values between 4.0 and 5.0 indicated improvement in length and fineness. The fiber strength was between 19 and 21 gm/tex (1/8” gauge) and the uniformity ratio exceeded 45 percent. These selections would be improvements for rainfed tracts of India where production of current cultivars has nearly satiated the spinning needs of the market. The genotypes are being utilized in the hybrid breeding programme of diploid cotton

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