Losses Incurring During Cotton Mechanical Harvesting, in Central Greece
Apr 16, 2019


An investigation on the losses incurring during cotton mechanical harvesting was undertaken during the last five years within a programme to assess the performance of cotton pickers in the area. The investigation was on commercial fields as well as experimental fields. Losses were defined as pre-harvest (the cotton that fell on the ground before the picker entered the field), losses of seed-cotton and bolls on the ground after the first picking, losses of seed-cotton and bolls on the ground after the second picking, losses of cotton left on the plants after the second picking. Losses, especially preharvest losses, had a wide variation depending on weather conditions, on field topography, on varieties used (varieties requiring higher force to pull seed cotton locks had lower losses on the ground but a tendency for higher losses on the plants) and on cultivation technique (twin rows had higher losses than single). Losses in many cases are high, indicating that there is a potential to reduce them by appropriate management of the fields and of the machines.

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