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Jul 29, 2016

ICRA Website feedbacks

Little is asked at registration

Only very basic information is asked at registration. Once registered, any member can provide much more information about him/her, as we expect. Above all, any member has the possibility to inform about his research projects and publications.

Information on research projects

For each research project, only a handful of variables is asked. One of it is the URL of a website where one might have already informed more comprehensively about the project. I personally am using Cantool, something developed a few years ago and that I supervised ( and which might be the unique existing tool to capitalize about research and/or development projects. Of course, anyone is free to keep on using the tools he/she has already selected.

Information on research publications

The same procedure is followed. The tool used is Slire, developed also a few years ago ( ). Of course, ICRA members can use a variety of tools to inform about their publications.

Feel free to go and have a look at my profile that I have started updating.
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