Modification of the HVI Software as an Essential Step Towards a Global Cotton Standardization System
Apr 4, 2019


Grade and fiber properties are the main cotton quality factors measured on the High Volume Instrument (HVI). The HVI is used in 63 countries around the world but HVI grading is only used in the USA. In order to apply instrument grading, all cotton producing countries should include their own national graces on HVI software so that cotton brokers would be able to grade cotton from any country instrumentally. This paper describes experiments that were carried out by the FAO in Pakistan over a three-year period to include Pakistani grades on the HVI system. Samples were drawn from the Cotton Belt of Punjab and Sind, visually checked and tested for colour and trash content. Results show high correlation between grades and Rd% and non lint content %. On the basis of variations of b+ and Rb% between grades and within the same grade, a colour chart was designed and incorporated in HVI software of Spinlab 900 and MCI 3500 systems, making Pakistan the second country capable of using HVI grading. After modifications of the HVI grading system, it would be possible to adapt a global standardization system for Upland (G. hirsutum) and Egyptian (G. barbadense) cottons.

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