Molecular breeding: cotton transcriptome analysis, characterisation and validation of fibre strength genes assistive in marker assisted selection
Jun 15, 2019

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B.R.Patil,I.S. Katageri,B.M Khadi, G. Balasubramani, K.P.Raghvendra, J.Amudha, S.K.Deshpande


The relative gene expression of GhcesA1, GhcesA2, and GhcesA7 orthologus of AtcesA8, AtcesA4, and AtcesA7 respectively, Ghcobl4, Ghfla3 and GhMT1genes using Recombinant Inbred Lines mapping population was studied through q PCR. The results showed that GhcesA1, GhcesA2, Ghfla3 and Ghcobl4 were strongly associated with secondary wall synthesis and hence the plan is to prepare the gene construct with an appropriate fibre specific promoter to transform a suitable genotype. To validate the q PCR analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope study was conducted to confirm that cellulose is a key entity for conferring high fibre strength. The high fiber strength line HBS144 (28.0 g/tex) and low fiber strength line, HBS 187 (20.0 g/tex ) fiber’s micrograph showed that HBS 144 had strong series of fibrillar structure which was found less in HBS 187.A fibre diameter of 17µm was observed in HBS144 while ,a 10 µm fiber diameter was recorded in HBS 187.The fibrils which relate to deposition of cellulose had a diameter of 0.2 µm for HBS 144 and 0.1 µm for HBS 187 respectively. The RNA sequence analysis of HBS 144 and 187 revealed 74.6 million and 53.4 million raw reads respectively through Illumina. The number of unigenes expressed for genotype HBS-144 were 11328 while , 6866 unigenes were observed for HBS-187. A total of 14828 unigenes were up regulated while, a total of 13468 unigenes were down regulated in both genotypes employed for the study.The total number of identified SSR’s for HBS 144 were 29868 while, 21680 SSR’s were identified for HBS 187.The total number of variants (SNP) were 90857 for HBS 144 while, 74161 variants were observed for HBS 187.The plan is to utilize these SSR’ s and SNP ‘s for Marker assisted selection after validation by Gold standard linkage map.

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