Our website works well in China
Aug 1, 2016

ICRA Information Website feedbacks

A post from China

This is to inform you that I am now in China, more precisely in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, North-West of China. It has been the main cotton region for a while and it's going to be furthermore the case because of the cotton decline in the traditional provinces of cotton production.

I am here to provide some awareness about the sustainability indicators of cotton production. Hopefully, a partnership could be set up to have a set of indicators identified by Chinese fellows and informed by relevant data.

I have not yet the full program of my stay here. I have asked to visit research stations and cotton producers.


ICRA website works without any trouble here

I have been testing various functions of our website since I have arrived. Everything is going well.

Chinese can even be keyboarded (中文都可以写)