Relative Resistance of Gossypium Species to Insect Complex Under Non-Sprayed Conditions
Mar 21, 2019

Crop Protection WCRC WCRC2

A number of varieties and strains of Gossypium were grown under non-sprayed conditions to evaluate their relative resistance against insects during two seasons 1993-94 and 1994-95. The strains belonged to Gossypium. Barbadense (Pima), G. palmeri, G. arboreum and G. hirsutum. These varieties had varying degree of resistance to insects. The pima types were highly susceptible to sucking insects and Cotton Leaf Curl Virus. The two entries of G. palmeri exhibited complete tolerance to all sucking insects and Cotton Leaf Curl Virus. Their leaves were lush green, showing no sign of sucking insects injury. The source of resistance in G. palmeri is not known. If this character could be successfully transferred to upland cotton, it may revolutionize cotton production. The potential for substantial saving on insecticides could also lead to reduced environmental pollution. Varieties of G. hirsutum and G. arboreum had a varying but higher degree of resistance against sucking insects, compared to pima types

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