Search for Elite Sources of Resistance to Leaf Curl Virus in Upland Cotton
Feb 21, 2019

Crop Protection WCRC WCRC2

Cotton leaf curl virus (CLCuV) is a serious disease of cotton in the state of Punjab, causing heavy losses in an epiphytotic year. During kharif season (May-November) 1997, 284 entries from different state and co-ordinated trials, and 592 germplasm lines/cultivars were screened against CLCuV at PAU, Regional Research Station, Faridkot and 72 entries at Regional Fruit Research Station, Abohar. Screening was carried out under natural epiphytotic conditions on a scale 1-4 scale (1-Resistant; 2-Moderately resistant; 3-Moderately susceptible; 4 Susceptible). One cultivar was resistant at both the locations. Twelve lines/cultivars were free of the disease and categorized as resistant at Faridkot. Four entries were moderately resistant at both locations. Sixty and four lines/cultivars were moderately resistant with 0.1-10.0 percent infection at Faridkot and Abohar, respectively.

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