Specific Surface Area of Cotton Measured by Methylene Blue Absorption and Relation to its Fineness
Apr 4, 2019


The specific surface area of six cotton fiber samples from ICCS was estimated by means of methylene blue adsorption in the liquid phase. The adsorption kinetic of the dye on these cotton fibers was determined to obtain the conditions of adsorption isotherm. This was held at 25°C with shaking rotation at 180 rpm. for 24 hours. The concentration of methylene blue was in the range 0.004 - 0.32 g l-1 for each isotherm. Spectrophotometry technique at the wavelength 660 nm was used to analyze the concentration of methylene blue solution after 24 hours. The surface areas of these cottons, B-26, C-36, D-5, E-4, G-17 and I-26 were found to be 32.3, 32.4, 34.4, 52.72, 43.9 and 29.9 m2 g-1 respectively. There are relationships between these surface areas and their fineness analyzed by gravimetric method, the Shirley Development Ltd. Fineness Maturity Tester 3. (FMT 3), and the Advance Fiber Information System (AFIS). A numerical relationship of the form a + bH-1 was obtained through nonlinear regression computer software.

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