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Jul 31, 2016

ICRA Website feedbacks

Tags already existed

In the former version, the reference of posts by selecting tags was already in place. More precisely, there were categories of tags and it was possible to add sub-categories to a particular category. For example, within the category of ICRA, we could have sub-categories  like "about" (= about ICRA as an active association) and information (= information shared by ICRA about cotton research).

Tags allows to filter posts and forum discussions according to one's interest.

Tags are interconnected in posts and in discussions

Tags for posts are now interconnected to tags for discussions in the advanced function of forum, because any new post becomes a new topic for discussion in GossyForum. As a consequence of the retained interconnection, only two levels of tags are accepted (primary and secondary).

When writing a new post or lauching a new discussion, the selection of tags starts with primary ones. Once a primary tag is selected, the corresponding secondary tags are displayed and could be selected for more precise tagging. The selection of several primary tags is possible.

For most primary tags, secondary tags are geographic scale. For instance, for a primary tag of crop protection, secondary tags of "global" or "Latin America", allow to specify if post or forum topic is of global relevance or only of relevance to Latin America.

New: Tags could be subjected to restriction

Tags in the advanced function for forum could be subject to the use by a specific group of ICRA members. For example, there are tags for the restricted use of the ICRA Executive members, so that the interaction between these members could be discussions through the advanced function of forum that only these members could view and contribute.

The advantage of the restriction possibility is not of interest only for the executive committee. It could be so for any group of members working on a joint project and contributing the same geographic network. As such, the ICRA website becomes a real tool for interaction between its members.

For this reason, we have created a tag titled "network coordination" with geograhic secondary tags. As long as a geographic group of members is created, it could be decided to restrict or not the discussions within a geographic group to the members of thie group.

The creation of a group of ICRA members is only possible by the few persons endowed with the administrative role of ICRA website. For the group creation, you must formulate a request to the ICRA website administer, indicate the name of the group and its composition as well as the tags restriction associated to this group.

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