The Role of Spiders in the Control of Cotton Pests in the Cotton Cropping Systems of Eastern Uganda
Mar 8, 2019

Crop Protection WCRC WCRC2

Work on evaluation of crop mixtures for the management of cotton pests has shown beans to be a suitable intercrop that can augement the numbers of gerneralist predators in the cropping systems of E. Uganda. Incidence of generalist predators in the cotton - bean intercrop shows spiders to be more numerous (57%) as compared to other predators combined (43%). In the cotton- maize intercrop spiders are less numerous (29%) than other predators combined (71%). On cotton bordered by maize the number of spiders is about the same as in the cotton-maize-intercrop. The common predators on cotton bordered by sorghum include 30% spiders. The role of spiders in the regulation of pests in cotton cropping systems is discussed.

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